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The Exchange

Updated: Mar 6, 2023


Life begins with nothing and turns into something. it that something, turns into nothing?

We do not know the beginning and end. But, we do know that life has origination.

We also know that, during the process of that origination, we BECOME whatever it is, that we are.

My books attempt to answer deeply, some of those questions. They are questions that are relevant, to what and who we are.

I don't have all the answers, and there are scriptures to reference that contains much of what we should know.

Many of us want to know about our greatest hopes and fears, which leads to the question: "Are we significant?"

In this blog, titled: The Exchange. I talk about hopes and fears of dreaming about God.

The Exchange

God, to us, is a dream. That's is because we can't actually touch and see God. But God represents the Godliness that we feel in our hearts. That's why we know that God is good.

In the Exchange-we will go to heaven. I believe everyone will have a meeting with God in some capacity. And no matter what our beliefs are-this Exchange will be important.

At this engagement; do we get to share our hopes and fears (about living)?Or, do we get to 'shadow play' as an act of what we have already done?

I think that most people know; in their heart of all hearts, that there is an Exchange. And whether it is at the beginning, or the end, it will be our exclusive engagement with God.

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